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Vodofone: the government’s collusion to rip us off!

October 29, 2010

Vodafone Doesn’t ‘Pay as They Go”!

Whilst the government insists that it must cut back on welfare, cutting back housing benefit, child benefit, threatens an increase pension age, slashes the public sector, Vodafone wriggle out of a £6bn tax bill, with the governments blessing!

For years Vodafone have been twisting and turning using tax avoidance scams to avoid paying it’s fair share of tax. Finally, it was ruled that their action breached anti tax avoidance rules.

But, amazingly, Osborne cancelled their bill! £6bn! Sufficient to cover most of the cuts to the welfare system announced by the government.

What better to show where the allegiance of this government lies?

So, it’s one rule for us, and another for them. Those of us working for our living, or even claiming benefits, have our tax deducted at source. But the rich, and companies such as Vodafone continually avoid their tax bill – and with the blessing of government.

After cancelling this £6bn tax bill, Osborne appointed Vodafone’s finance director to the government’s Advisory Board on Business Tax Rates. Presumably to work out more ways in which the elite can avoid paying tax.

But it’s not just Vodafone.

It’s been calculated that UK corporations succeed in avoiding paying £12bn tax every year, and the wealthiest people in the country (Osborne and his friends) avoid or evade up to £120bn!

Whose interests are the government looking after? IT ISN’T OURS!

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